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Client Pest Control Testimonials

“Our lovely old farmhouse, Brindledorf, built in 1850, had become a magnet for stink bugs! For the past several years we struggled to keep the stinky critters from invading in the fall as temperatures dropped. Everywhere we turned, we were told there was really nothing available that would be effective. Despite regular pest control provided by another company we were facing a losing battle. We caulked around windows, sealed every visible crack, hung traps, vacuumed the bugs up and, flushed them down! When we lost the second tenant in less than a year we were getting desperate. I found your website offering stink bug control and Capitol Pest put together a comprehensive three point strategy, predicting a possible 90% decrease in the population. First, Josh conducted a thorough inspection to identify and seal problem entry areas. He then installed fine-mesh screens over all windows — no easy task for this 22-room historic property! He took care to ensure that the esthetic qualities of the home were not harmed. Finally, the plan includes regular winter-time exterior application of Onslaught, a pesticide that is an effective deterrent to stink bugs during their active season. The fall has just begun but so far we could not be more pleased with the results! Josh did a great job with the screen installation. I was sure that the cold rainy weather this week would send them scurrying inside. However, when I checked the windows this morning (their favorite hang-out), not one bug was in sight! Our new tenant is happy and we are looking forward to a winter with far fewer stink bugs. Thank you so much for providing this valuable service!”

-Nancy and Sue Eynon Lark
Brindledorf Properties

“Marco Castro, our technician, has just left our home.  I wanted to inform you about the excellent service he as consistently provided our family.  He is always punctual, professional, and willing to take extra steps to protect our home and answer our questions.  I’m an Angie’s List member and will be sure to also state this in a review of your excellent company.  Keep up the great work.”

“I wanted to provide this note to let you know how impressed our family has been with your service and your team.

After more than a decade of using another pest and termite control service, we recently began using your Capitol Pest. Roy, the technician who came to evaluate the necessary services, was both courteous and well informed. Yvonne then worked with us to get the contracts sorted out and properly executed. Once the documents were in place, Josh and his team then went to work. The exclusion work was performed in a timely and professional manner, the inspector who reviewed our indoor and outdoor needs was thorough and knowledgeable, and the service was performed to well above our expectations. Throughout the process of the start up our pest control service, Sentricon installation, and exclusion work, Josh stayed in touch with us and made sure we were satisfied with all of the services performed and provided.

Thank you again to you and your team. We look forward to working with you for many years to come.”

-Gary, Potomac MD

“Sergio was here last week to exterminate an ant infestation in my kitchen and basement.  I wanted to tell you that he was fabulous in getting rid of hundreds of ants by tracking them to the queen outside.  He was very nice, professional, explaining why and what he was doing to solve the problem.  Capitol  Pest Control is very lucky to have him on staff.

I’d also like to thank your receptionist – I think her name is Cheryl – for responding so quickly to my request, understanding that I needed someone here asap as there were so many ants.  I’ve been a long standing client and appreciate Capitol’s responses to all my needs with great efficiency.”


“I want to say what a terrific employee Steve is. He was ontime, called ahead, worked with me about subtly placing the traps, and was just excellent in every way. I didn’t see the place to put this note into your website – so if there is one – please put it in for me. Thank you & please keep sending him for the followups. And please put him in for any award-type thing you have. He is very good and personable.”

-Name withheld

“I wanted to follow up with you regarding my experience with Josh Hernandez on April 19th. I found Josh to be very professional, patient and thorough regarding his analysis and treatment of our pest issues.  Josh truly represents the gold standard of care that Capitol Pest Control offers its clients.  Best,”

-Jon W.  Potomac, MD

“I wanted to take a moment to email you about the extremely positive experience I had with one of your technicians — Sergio. Your wife, Alexandra, recommended your company to me when I posted on the NFCCA listserv about a Yellow Jacket nest I had in the wall of my home on Lombardy Road.  Sergio came out and took care of the problem in short order with EXTREME professionalism.  I know he had had a really long day before my appointment, yet he kept smiling, stayed until the problem was eradicated and I could tell that he really enjoys his work!

Today he came out again to get me started on the ongoing plan to help with critter control — since I live on the edge of the woods that borders our neighborhood, I know I’m in good hands. So, hats off to you and your company for being so wonderful to work with and for employing extremely knowledgable, helpful and friendly technicians!  Sergio’s wonderful attitude and thorough understanding of the challenges of my location was all I needed to know that your maintenance plan is the right choice for me.”

-Michele & Gordon, Silver Spring, MD

 “Steve was here this morning, right on time.  As always, he was very thorough and professional with his inspection.  He took some time to tell me about some new service plans that include mouse eradication etc.  Your office is supposed to email some more information so I can read about the plans at my convenience.  I know that Steve is a long-time associate in your company and I appreciate having such a pleasant and knowledgeable person coming into my home.  I have used your company since we moved into our home 42 years ago. Thank you.”

-Client in Bethesda, MD

“Johnny did an OUTSTANDING job.  First, he took the time to read the history of our roach issue by looking through the reports of the previous treatments.  He knew more about the history than I did!  This extra step made him realize that there must be something that had been missing that was causing this issue to continue to be a problem.  Johnny explained in detail the patterns, food sources, etc. of American Roaches, which will help me understand how to keep them out of my house.  He asked me if there were any old cardboard boxes around, and even though I kept showing him a few here or there or saying that there weren’t any other places that they could be, he then asked me about the attic.  I told him that there was nothing in the attic and that it was not easy to get to as we don’t have a pull down ladder, so maybe it would be too hard to look up there.  But, Johnny said, no problem, he had a ladder and he really thought he should check the attic.  THANK GOODNESS!!!  When he got up there, he found a few dozen old mostly empty boxes that the previous owners had left and lots of dead roaches.  This discovery alone made him a hero to me, and then he did something that was so above and beyond the average, he climbed up to my extremely hot and dirty attic and brought down every box for me.  We took them outside, and like that, what I believe was the main source of their food, was GONE.  Because of Johnny’s clear explanation of what we should expect to see after he left, I know that it is not strange that we have still seen some baby roaches, but I have confidence that they will be gone soon.  And this time, gone for good.  And we have not seen any more adult roaches.

When I hire a pest control company or any other service provider, I hope for the excellent customer service that makes me never want to leave that company, but so often I am disappointed.  I can say with confidence, that I was BLOWN away by the superior customer service that Johnny provided and I could not be happier that Capitol Pest Control is my exterminator.  He was thorough, knowledgeable, easy to understand, and even patient with my children who were underfoot.  I would be happy to recommend Capitol Pest to all of my friends and neighbors.”

-Carolyn, Bethesda, MD

“We are one of  your new customers. A few weeks ago we had a problem with a scratching sound behind a wall and asked you to send someone for a one time trapping. Johnny showed up and not only checked the area but our shed, the basement, the kitchen, under the sink, the pantry, the attic and many other places that I did not know existed as well as the entire backyard. Others have done this as well, but no one was as thorough as Johnny. He was so well informed and professional that I had an immediate sense of  confidence in him and your company.  He really put my mind at as ease, that is worth every penny. Furthermore, he explained the full extent of your services  and I realized that I should stop using Terminix for quarterly pest control and use your “ultimate” service for all of our pest issues. He suggested it and I am so glad that I took his advice. He was here yesterday and did a complete and thorough check, spraying and even took away the spider eggs and cob webs, as well as leaving a trap for a raccoon that has been attacking our roof, and tonight at 10:00 pm the raccoon was trapped. I left a message on your v-mail, but also texted Johnny on his cell. At this late hour, he responded immediately and was here within 20 minutes. He removed the trapped raccoon and set another one just in case. Again, he was so professional and dedicated.  We tried to tip him, but he would not accept it. I can honestly say, that if it was not for him, we would not be on a quarterly plan and certainly not on the ultimate plan. I hope this email, helps you realize  that he is a valuable employee and deserves some type of recognition.

Thank you for working on solving our pest issues and bringing peace back to our home.”

-Client in Chevy Chase, MD
“Johnny recently came over to our house to do pest control on our mice problem, and I just wanted to say that he did an incredibly thorough job and was very open to all of the questions that we had for him. We all felt that he went above and beyond what we asked and carefully informed us of what each trap does and the repercussions that some may have. I wanted to thank you for sending Johnny on this Saturday visit and hope we can have him over more often to do the rest of the pest control routine checks if available.”


“I just wanted to drop a note to you to say a big Thank You for coming by my home last week to check my son’s crib for bed bugs. You were extremely thorough, sensible and professional, and very reassuring to me (as I was obviously in a tizzy over the bites!). You settled me down and that peace of mind meant a lot!

Also: In the end, he never got another bite. Whatever it was simply died, or got sucked into my vacuum. Thank goodness for that!   Again, thanks for coming out. We will likely be getting on a contract with your company for general maintenance/treatments and I will pass your card on to all my friends!  Have a great day.”

-Lauren, Silver Spring, MD

“Josh and Sergio serviced our house today for ongoing “mouse issues”.  I just wanted to let you know that these two guys were great today as always!  They are professional, thorough, responsive to any and all questions and very good communicators.  I think it’s important for the company to recognize these qualities in their employees.”

-Cookie & Carol

“Just a quick thank you and note about the great service from your team.  We had a raccoon in our attic and the guys from Capitol Pest did a great job of analyzing the situation and using the right equipment for removal.

Initially I was told that a trap would have to be set and that they would have to return later.  But Sergio and Josh went the extra mile to find the animal and put it in a cage, which mean not having to wait another 24 hours or longer for it to be removed.   Many thanks to all involved with solving the problem.”

-Dan, Washington DC


$50 Off Initial Quarterly Pest Control Plan

Call today to set up your appointment and find out why we were voted “Best Pest Control Company” by readers of Washingtonian Magazine.


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