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Bed Bug Pest Control

best bed bug pest control expertsAfter investigating and testing many bed bug treatment options, we have come up with what we feel is the best treatment method available. Our treatment method has been used in thousands of homes right here in the Washington, DC area and the results speak for themselves. We are so sure that we have the best treatment option available today that we include an unheard of full ONE YEAR Treatment Warranty with our treatment. That means that if the bed bugs come back for any reason or if you do a lot of travelling and bring more in, we will come back and treat again at no additional cost.  This warranty will be renewable each year for a fee so you can be assured that if you ever bring them into your home again, you will be covered.

Our Bed Bug Treatment Method Including a One-Year Warranty

Use of a specially formulated liquid insecticide mixed with a synergist to deliver a quick elimination of all stages (including eggs) of bed bugs within 48 hours with no known resistance.

  • This is used in all cracks and crevices including, the tufts and seams of the mattress and box spring; the bottom cloth of the box spring will be removed and the inside treated; all drawers and the insides of the nightstands and dressers; the tufts and seams and the bottom of couches, loveseats, and chairs; the baseboards throughout the home, the back of picture frames; and other areas as labelled.

Use of an aerosol insecticide that eliminates all stages of bed bugs, including the eggs, and is labelled to be used on the sleeping and sitting surfaces of beds, couches, loveseats, and chairs.

Use of a fast-acting dust in cracks and crevices throughout the accessible areas of the home; dust around electrical outlets into the wall voids and pull back carpet edges to dust under the baseboards. This will kill bed bugs within 72 hours of coming into contact with the dust and sets a barrier to control the movement from one area to another.

Use of a fumigant that is placed in sealed bags to treat items that cannot be otherwise treated with insecticides or any other method of treatment (heat/cold)

Placement of specially designed bed bug proof mattress encasements on the mattresses and box springs to eliminate the possibility of re-infestation.

  • Pros – readily available, effective if properly treated, most affordable method, insecticides have a 60 -180 day residual, dusts a year or more (as long as they remain dry).
  • Cons – results are heavily dependent on applicator’s diligence and the homeowner’s cooperation with proper prep, especially in homes with lots of clutter; insecticide use may be objectionable to some; homeowner’s must be out of the home for 3 hours after service is completed; two treatments are necessary for the desired results.

$50 Off Initial Quarterly Pest Control Plan

Call today to set up your appointment and find out why we were voted “Best Pest Control Company” by readers of Washingtonian Magazine.


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